• GoBDocuments 是一款文献管理软件,GoBDocuments 能导入任何的文件,在 GoBDocuments 中的文件不能修改也不可以被操控,不管有人对其中的文件进行什么操作,都会被记录并且导出操作。

  • Think of GoBDocuments as a secure container for all your important documents. All actions are monitored and logged, and this log can be exported at any time. Documents stored in the program cannot be modified or manipulated. Thus, GoBDocuments can be used for accounting, business, and legal documents.

  • GoBDocuments meets the strict requirements of the German GoBD for long-term archival of documents.


  • GoBD 兼容的文档管理
  • 文档既不能被更改也不能被操纵
  • 文件副本可以随时导出
  • 原始文件的完整性得到维护
  • 所有操作都被监控和记录
  • GoBD 日志可以在任何时候被创建
  • 显式地为会计,商业和法院/法律文件
  • iCloud Drive,BitTorrent Sync,Dropbox 等支持
  • 基于文档的文件存储在文档中
  • 文档可以直接扫描到GoBDocuments
  • 支持 Finder 标签
  • 拖放
  • 快速查看
  • 批量导入/导出
  • 搜索/过滤
  • 受支持文件(例如/文本 PDF 文件)的内容可搜索
  • 清晰,自我说明和简单的用户界面

  • GoBD-compliant document management

  • Documents can be neither changed nor manipulated
  • File copies can be exported at any time
  • Integrity of the original files is maintained
  • All actions are monitored and logged
  • GoBD log can be created at any time
  • Explicitly for accounting, business, and court/legal documents
  • Supports iCloud Drive, BitTorrent Sync, Dropbox, etc.
  • Document-based, files are stored within the document
  • Documents can be scanned directly into GoBDocuments
  • Support for Finder tags
  • Drag-and-drop
  • QuickLook
  • Batch import/export
  • Search/Filter
  • Content of supported files (e.g., text PDFs) is searchable
  • Clear, self-explanatory, and simple user interface
  • 24-hour support










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