Adware Zap Browser Cleaner(查找和删除广告软件)


  • Adware Zap 是一款非常好用的查找和删除广告软件,Adware Zap 通过删除所有 Cookie、扩展程序和缓存来充分还原浏览器,有效帮您清理垃圾软件。

  • Adware Zap 通过删除不需要的扩展程序、Cookie、缓存并重置浏览器首选项,将浏览器还原至完全健康的状态。如存在以下问题,Adware Zap 将是您理想的选择:

    • 浏览器持续弹出有关可疑产品和诈骗的广告,即使在浏览信誉良好的网站时也是如此
    • 浏览器被劫持并重定向至可疑网站
    • 浏览器缓慢,经常卡死
  • Adware Zap & Privacy Cleaner restores your browser back to its full health by removing unwanted extensions, cookies, caches and resetting your browser preferences. Adware Zap is your choice if:

    • Browser displays constant pop-up advertisements about dubious products and scams even from respected websites
      • Your browser is being hijacked and redirected to dubious websites
      • Your browser is slow and often freezes
      • You want to protect your privacy by removing sensitive files that were created during your browsing session


  • 广告软件,已删除!

    • 保证结果。适用于Mac的快速准确的广告软件清理器
  • 更新

    • 每日数据库更新
  • 使用方便

    • 易于使用的结果导向的用户界面
  • 广告软件

    • 查找并销毁顽固的广告软件
  • 隐私保护

    • 从选定的Internet浏览器中删除隐私文件
  • 用户友好

    • 简单,有效且易于使用的用户界面
  • 更新

    • 常规广告软件和病毒数据库更新
  • 内存和启动扫描

    • 扫描内存中的活动进程或在启动期间启动
  • Privacy Cleaner function:

    • remove sensitive files from selected internet browsers such as history, download list, cookies and stored databases.
    • customise what to remove in the App Settings.
    • option to run automatic clean up when the browser quits.
    • To fully restore your browser, all cookies, extensions and caches will be removed. By default, browser bookmarks and internet history are not removed, but in the App Settings you can customise what to remove.
  • To continue to use extensions you previously installed and want to keep, you will need to reinstall them.

  • Extensions often add useful features to browsers, but there are also many malicious extensions that can display pop-up advertisements, inject banner ads to every website you visit and collect your personal data. These extensions are often installed without the user’s consent by software that was downloaded from the internet.









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