• Gemini 是一款智能重复文件查找器 检测重复项,找出类似项,清理浪费空间的无用数据。 Gemini 可以精准查找重复文件。

  • Gemini helps you find duplicate files and wipe them away. It’s smart, laser-accurate, and recovers tons of space on your Mac.


  • 不留下任何重复项

    • 识别重复文件和文件夹
    • 查找重复的照片、应用、曲目、文档和视频
    • 扫描“照片”和 iTunes 库(新增更能)!
    • 支持外部驱动器和网络宗卷
  • 查找类似文件

    • 查找几乎(但不完全)相同的文件,新增功能!
    • 在“照片”应用中定位类似照片:重拍或类似(新增功能)!
    • 查找 iTunes 中的类似项:比特率、格式或长度不同的文件(新增功能)!
  • 智能选择

    • 根据10多个参数区分原本和副本。
    • 指出文件之间的差异(新增功能)!
    • 记住您选择文件删除的方式,并按照您的方式继续下去(新增功能)!
  • 安全删除

    • 将文件移到废纸篓,若需要,可以恢复(新增功能)!
    • 或者立即删除重复文件,只要您这样选择
    • 将重复项移到单独的文件夹或 USB 驱动器上(新增功能)!
    • 可以将副本更换为硬链接,从而节省空间,又无需删除文件(新增功能)!
  • 设有明星界面

    • 经完美设计,精心打造,超级简单
    • 只需点按3下即可移除重复项(新增功能)!
    • 内置文件预览,包括音乐和视频
    • 可视化类似和重复文件之间的差异(新增功能)!
  • Detect and delete duplicates. Locate and remove duplicate files, even if they’re in remote corners of your system. Gemini 2 scans your whole disk speed-of-light fast, no matter how massive it is. Dig through scan results and hand-pick the files to erase, or better – let Smart Select do all the work.

  • Spot and shred similars. Just like duplicates, similars are space wasters. Now, Gemini 2 is after them. Spot files that look alike, see how they differ, and delete those you don’t need. Because you have better use for all the space they occupy.

  • Your photos matter. Their copies don’t. Do you really need 10 retakes of the Golden Gate? Probably not. Don’t let copies invade your Photos: find duplicate pictures, look at them closely, and zap the extras.

  • You only enjoy one tune at a time. Even if you play the same tune on repeat, one copy is enough. Delete duplicates in iTunes: Gemini scans it to find those five copies of “Space Oddity” you’ve stored up.

  • It’s smart, and getting smarter. Gemini is smart. It easily tells copies from originals. It knows which files to keep intact. But the best thing is that it learns to select duplicates the way you do. Gemini’s algorithm remembers what you delete and what you choose to keep. It’s like an apprentice you are training.

  • Simple is stellar. Gemini’s carefully crafted to be super simple. Whatever you need to do – view duplicates in detail or quickly destroy them – it takes a few clicks. Because that’s what a good duplicate finder does: makes things simpler.

  • Nothing’s deleted for good — until you say so. Never worry about losing the wrong file by mistake. Gemini moves duplicates to the Trash and lets you bring them back in a click. If you do want the copies off your Mac, delete them for good. If you just want them out of your way, stash them in a faraway folder. It’s always your call.









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