Cal Cat(猫咪控日历工具)安装



  • Cal Cat 是一款猫咪控日历工具,可以将系统内置的日历工具美化成猫咪风格的日历,超级可爱的猫咪可是猫咪控的最爱了,喜欢的朋友快快用上吧。

  • 加州猫是一个桌面集成的一看日历,每天给你一个超级可爱的猫,或小猫。我们亲手挑选了所有这些玩偶,为您带来最佳的猫体验,直到您的桌面。

  • 在 Facebook,Google+ 或 Twitter 上分享您最喜爱的照片,打动您的朋友和粉丝。

  • 每张照片都根据创意共用许可证进行许可,并可供您重复使用 - 即使是商业项目也是如此。

  • A cat a day keeps the doctor away!

  • Cal Cat is a desktop-integrated calendar giving you a super cute cat, or kitten each day. We hand-picked all those dolls, to bring you the best ever cat experience right to your desktop.

  • Impress your friends and followers by sharing your favorite picture on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

  • And the best thing: each photo is licensed under the creative commons license and can be reused by you - even for commercial projects!

  • Did I mention already, that it also is an awesome one-look calendar? No? Well, it is! So what are you waiting for? Click away!









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