• Folder-Factory 是一款基本的图标工具,可帮助您自定义,设计和增强文件夹图标。有了它,您可以将文件夹图标与图像,文本,草图和形状结合在一起。这将改善系统的外观,使Mac井井有条,并提高工作效率。您不再需要读取文件夹名称,因为现在可以轻松地识别它们。最后,它具有友好干净的用户界面,并且非常易于使用。

  • Folder-Factory is a basic icon tool for OS X which help you to customize, design and enhance your folder icons. With it you can combine folder icon with images, text, sketch, and shape. This will improve your system’s appearance, keep your Mac organized and improve your working productivity. You’ll no longer need to read folder names as you can now easily identify them. And at last, it has a friendly and clean UI and it’s really easy to use.


  • 支持视网膜显示。
  • 自定义,设计和增强文件夹图标。
  • 支持各种工具。例如,吸管,填充,线条,矩形,椭圆形,笔,橡皮,文本,图像,圆角矩形等。
  • 支持弯曲文本。
  • 配置线宽,笔颜色和填充颜色等。
  • 完全支持透明度。
  • 支持阴影,渐变和反射。
  • 在图片上添加文字。
  • 完全支持撤消/重做,剪切/复制/粘贴。
  • 支持拖放任何文件和文件夹。

  • Support retina display.

  • Customize, design and enhance your folder icons.
  • Support all kinds of tools. For example eyedropper, fill, line, rectangle, ellipse, pen, eraser, text, image, round rectangle and so on.
  • Config line width, pen color and fill color and so on.
  • Full support for transparency.
  • Add text on image.
  • Full support for undo/redo, cut/copy/paste.
  • Support drag and drop any files and folders.








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