NeoOffice(Office 办公软件)



  • NeoOffice 是一款非常有特色的办公室套件(包括文字处理、报表、介绍、图画和数据库节目)。 凭 办公室,NeoOffice 集成了许多当地特点,并且结合了若干种特性,并且可以从其它普遍的办公程序(比如 MicrosoftOffice)中输出,编辑以及调换文件。

  • NeoOffice is a complete office suite for OS X. With NeoOffice, users can view, edit, and save OpenOffice documents, PDF files, and most Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

  • NeoOffice 3.x and OpenOffice users: before you buy NeoOffice, we recommend that you click on the “NeoOffice support” link and read the list of changes.


  • NeoOffice 办公套件,可编辑,保存、交换各种 office 文档。NeoOffice 用原生语言重写了界面,效率更高,外观更加实用;
  • NeoOffice 改进了 Microsoft Office 格式文档支持、实现了原生文字选择、优化间距调整。
  • 用户也可在 NeoOffice 中调用系统自带的拼写检查等功能。
  • 它提供 NeoOffice Mobile 在线服务,用户可在 Mac、iPhone 等设备上在线共享文档。
  • 它允许应用程序保存和恢复您的文件的先前版本。使用这项新功能,保存文件会导致 Mac OS X 的任何更改之前,你可以恢复任何以前版本的文件保存,以便保持您的文件的副本。
  • NeoOffice is extremely stable and thousands of users use it daily. The NeoOffice engineers created NeoOffice in 2003 when they made OpenOffice run natively on OS X for the first time. Since then, the NeoOffice engineers have continually added improvements to NeoOffice that users will not find in OpenOffice such as:
    • Open Calc or Impress instead of Writer at launch using the NeoOffice > Open at Launch menu
    • OS X Versions
    • Native OS X grammar checking
    • Native OS X text highlighting
    • Native file locking support for local and networked volumes
    • OS X Services support
    • Native floating tool windows








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