• MindNode 是一款超级轻量级的专业的思维导图工具,简单,绿色,小巧!没有繁琐的多余设置,没有复杂的操作界面。如果你想组织自己的思绪只需要打开 MindNode 然后开始就可以了。

  • 节点有标题、注释、图像、任务和链接

  • 快速输入
  • 分支和连接显示不同类型的关系
  • 大纲视图,包括搜索
  • 多个主题和无限个人主题
  • 许多样式选项,适合文稿的所有部分
  • 上下和水平布局
  • 两种分支形状,多种节点形状
  • 全屏模式
  • 导出为文本、pdf、图像和大纲格式
  • 将任务分享到提醒事项、Things 和 Omnifocus 上
  • myMindNode,创建可分享文稿的免费网络服务

  • MindNode helps you connect your thoughts and clarify your ideas.

  • A clean interface and focused feature set enable you to develop your project. Start with a thought, then take your project from first steps, to the next level, and into action.


  • 捕获您的想法
    • 它可以将您的想法转换为任何形式,无论是文字、图像、链接、任务还是扩展注释。不用担心顺序和重要性。您您只是刚开始。
    • 快速输入等功能让添加不同想法既简单又直观。智能布局让您不必担心文稿的样式。MindNode 会时刻保证它既美观,又易读。
  • 发现彼此联系
    • 添加更多想法时,您的文稿会即时反映您的思路变化。您可以随时连接、重新连接和断开连接。收缩多个分支,聚焦一个想法,可以更轻松地深入探索关键点。发现意外连接,创建独特内容。
  • 组织您的思路
    • 借助 MindNode,可以轻松搞清楚不同想法之间的背景和联系。 为文本和节点添加个人样式,从而一下明白复杂的信息。大纲视图让思路展示更加清晰。
  • 共享您的项目
    • 演示或导出您的文稿。布局和主题精美,让您与团队或家人共享 MindNode 文稿充满乐趣。将任务发送给“提醒事项”或 Omnifocus。将您的项目导出为 OPML、FreeMind 或文本大纲,以继续完成项目。通过我们的免费网络服务 myMindNode,您可以与同事分享自己的文稿,无论他们使用何种设备。
  • Capture your thoughts
    • Whether as words, images, links, tasks, or extended notes, capture your thoughts in any form. Don’t worry about order and importance. You’re just getting started.
    • Features like Quick Entry make adding different thoughts easy and intuitive. Smart Layout means you don’t have to worry about how your document looks. MindNode will always make sure it is readable and beautiful.
  • Explore the connections
    • Your document reflects your changing understanding as you add more thoughts. Connect, reconnect and detach as often as you like. Folding branches to focus on one thought makes it even easier to explore an idea in-depth. Discover unexpected connections and create something unique.
  • Organize your idea
    • MindNode helps clarify the context and connections from one thought to another. Add individual styles to text and nodes to understand complex information at a glance. Outline view gives a new perspective on the flow of ideas.
  • Share your project
    • Present or export your document. Beautiful layouts and themes make sharing a MindNode document with your team or family a pleasure. Send tasks to Reminders or OmniFocus. Export your project as OPML, FreeMind or text outline to continue work on your project. Using our free web service myMindNode, you can share your documents with your colleagues, no matter the devices they are on.









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