• xScope 是一款设计精确度量工具,专门为设计师和开发人员创建,是一套功能强大的工具,是理想的测量,检查和测试屏幕上的图形和布局。xScope 将帮助您更快地工作和产出更精准的结果,可以帮助每个设计者快速,精确的完成工作,度量距离,角度的标尺,放大镜,精确垂直,水平标记辅助线,精确阔度,找画面上符合位置测交叉点,包括一个七工具:

    • 尺寸 - 立即查找在屏幕上任何大小
    • 测量 - 屏幕上测量距离和角度的标尺
    • 屏幕 - 一个较小的屏幕尺寸和浏览器内容区的动态视图
    • 放大镜 - 放大镜,让你认为你的工作特写
    • 指南 - 精确的水平和垂直对齐标记
    • 框架 - 精确的宽度,高度与原点对齐标记
    • 十字 - 查找屏幕上的确切位置
  • xScope is powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting, and testing on-screen graphics and layouts. Its tools float above your desktop windows and can be accessed via a toolbar, menubar, and/or hot keys.


  • Mirror -毫不费力地根据您的 Mac 尺寸在屏幕上选取任何大小的设计和 iOS 上的应用;
  • Dimensions - 测量距离和角度,只需滚动鼠标光标就能立即找到屏幕上的任何元素的尺寸;
  • Screens - 一个较小的屏幕尺寸和浏览器内容区的动态视图,几十个移动设备的模板;
  • Loupe - 放大你的屏幕,复制和模拟颜色
  • Guides - 精确的垂直水平对齐
  • Frames - 精确的宽度,高度与原点对齐
  • Crosshair - 快速,轻松地定位和调整查找屏幕上的确切位置
  • Mirror
    • Remote Viewing – Easily view Photoshop, files or windows on your iOS or AirPlay device
    • Templates – Automatically shows icon or wallpaper mockup on iOS
    • Chromeless UI – No overlaid chrome to get in the way while you work
    • Security – Toggle user authentication requests on/off via Preferences
  • Text
    • Powerful Search – For name or tag in any of the 100,000+ Unicode characters
    • Decipher Text – Deciphers text entities, encodings, constants, and more!
    • Convert Format – Output text as a string, entities, URL encoding, and more!
    • Measure Glyphs – Shows line, character or web layout: including font metrics and CSS
    • Character Palette – A handy place to collect commonly used Unicode characters
  • Dimensions
    • Find the dimensions of anything on screen instantly
    • Find distance between objects quickly and easily
    • Create screen shots of any measured element
  • Rulers
    • Powerful on-screen rulers for pixel measurements
    • Two rulers with synchronization for easy on-screen comparison
    • Hold down control to snap to edges of onscreen content
    • Fully adjustable horizontal and vertical lengths
    • Full 360 degree rotation range
    • Displays deltas for rotated rulers
  • Overlay
    • Enhances Your Web Browser – Attaches to window to make development easier
    • Alignment Marks – Check positioning and distances in px/em/pt and percentages
    • Mockup Image – A transparent design comp over your HTML and CSS code
    • Grids with Breakpoints – Grid systems that stay in sync with your media queries
    • Cycle Breakpoints – Quickly check your design at all sizes used in your CSS
    • Full-page Screenshot – Get a picture of your whole web page
    • Works with iOS Simulator – Great for testing in Safari or developing native apps
  • Screens
    • Easily see the usable real estate for any screen size
    • Organized by platform including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and TV
    • Pre-defined screen templates or create your own
    • Displays title and game safe areas for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio TVs.
    • Simulate user vision problems including color blindness and presbyopia (old age)
    • De-retinizer to simulate normal display when using Retina display
    • Define custom area settings for any OS or browser
  • Loupe
    • Magnify any portion of the screen under your mouse
    • Displays color under your cursor in RGB, HSB, HEX, CSS3 rgb() and HTML
    • Quick measurement of magnified image using Dimensions
    • Reference color format: work with a hex color while viewing RGB format
    • Collect a running list of color swatches with Shift-Cmd-C
    • Save out or import .ACO color swatch files for easy reference
    • Simulate user vision problems including color blindness and presbyopia (old age)
    • Displays co-ordinates of mouse cursor for reference
    • The content of the window or the mouse position can be locked
  • Guides
    • Vertical and horizontal guides that float on top of all else on the screen
    • Displays guide position in pixels when placed
    • Displays distance between guides in pixels
    • Save and load guide positions for later reference
    • Supports multiple monitors
  • Frames
    • Adjustable marker boxes float on top of the screen
    • Hold down control to snap to edges of onscreen content
    • Cmd-Shift-5 to shrink a selection around on screen content and create a frame
    • Display preset grids to help compose frame layouts
    • Create, move, duplicate and edit frames at will
    • Save and load frame positions for later reference
  • Crosshair
    • Reports the coordinate position of the mouse cursor
    • Change origin from the upper-left (design work) to lower-left (development work)









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