• PatterNodes 是一款主要用于参数图形和插图,PatterNodes 能轻松帮助用户创建图形模式,可以将进行颜色、间距、缩放、旋转等调整,支持导出多种格式的位图和矢量图。

  • PatterNodes是一种用于创建基于重复的图形模式,动画或插图的程序设计。这是通过定义描述设计的步骤序列,使用节点和它们之间的连接来完成的。PatterNodes是从一开始就设计出来的,可以很容易地调整事物来看看它们是如何发生的。因此,所产生的设计输出始终显示在底部预览视图中,重复模式并实时更新任何更改,从而立即反馈最终结果。

  • 虽然该软件可用于创建许多类型的插图和动画,但主要针对图案创建。为了使图案创建更容易PatterNodes还包括大量的节点,它们可以自动执行常见的繁琐任务,如在图块边缘重复元素,使图案无缝连接,或随机化一个元素的不同方面(如颜色,位置,旋转等)模式给它一点点生命。

  • 当您对结果感到满意时,您可以简单地将输出作为向量复制到您使用的任何图形或图形应用程序中,或将其导出为矢量图形或位图图像文件。

  • PatterNodes is a tool for creating graphical patterns, animations, gradients, or illustrations based on repetitions. This is done by defining a sequence of steps, a recipe of sorts, that describes the pattern. Each pattern element or operation is represented by a little panel called a node, and the nodes are then linked by connections drawn between them. As the nodes can be freely combined and connected, this gives you a very flexible and powerful interface.

  • While this interface requires a different way of thinking, it also offers a lot of benefits compared to traditional Illustrator-type editors. Most importantly it enables you to use sliders to instantly change any aspect, like color, spacing, scaling, rotation or repetition count of any part of the pattern without having to undo/redo any steps. You can also specify animation value ranges for any of these parameters.

  • The resulting pattern tile is always shown in the bottom preview view, repeated and updating in real time with any changes, giving you instant feedback of what the end result will be. To make pattern creation easier PatterNodes also includes a lot of nodes that automatically perform common tedious tasks like repeating elements at the tile edges to make the pattern seamless, or randomizing different aspects (like color, position, rotation, etc.) of the elements in a pattern to give it a little more life. Finally, when you’re done you can simply copy the pattern tile into whatever illustration or graphics application you use, or export it either as vector graphics or a bitmap image file. Animations can be exported as GIF, QuickTime MOV or numbered PNG or JPG files


  • 极其灵活和强大的基于节点的界面。
  • 实时更新平铺预览的结果,同时调整参数。
  • 将动画值范围添加到任何参数,并导出完整的动画循环。
  • 许多不同的可配置形状,线条,曲线和文件导入选项来构建您的模式。
  • 轻松粘贴矢量或位图图形元素,以在您的模式中使用。
  • 导入或粘贴位图图形或向量形状(EPS,PDF或SVG)以用于您的模式。
  • 集成的文本工具,让您将所有的变换,效果等应用于单个字母。
  • 自动制作无缝图案拼贴。
  • 非破坏性随机化功能用于随机缩放,旋转,移动或调整模式各个元素的颜色。
  • 将结果导出为位图(JPEG,PNG,TIFF)或矢量(EPS,PDF)图形,或将其复制并粘贴到其他应用程序中。
  • 导出动画为GIF,QuickTime MOV或编号的PNG或JPG文件。







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