Photoshop Templates(Photoshop 设计模板套件)



  • Templates for Photoshop by GN 是一款提供了超过 520 个模板和纹理的 photoshop 模板集合整合包软件,例如横幅有从 120x240 至 720x300 等等 10 种不同的尺寸。

  • Templates for Photoshop by GN is the perfect tool for the Adobe Photoshop users for creating high-quality Banners, Headers, Infographics, or social media networks’ (such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter) covers quickly and easily. This set includes over 520 templates and textures.

  • Focus on your content – we’ll take care of the design. Create beautiful and professional works in mere minutes!


  • 专业的
    • GNOME 的 Photoshop 模板是高品质的设计,由一个团队创建并保持最新热情的设计师所以你总是可以访问最现代的时尚,时尚的设计在市场上随时随地可用。
  • 很多选择
    • 您可以为横幅选择 6 种 Photoshop 综合类别的模板: Facebook 的封面、Twitter 封面、 Youtube 封面标语横幅、标题、信息、海报和纹理,选择您喜欢的任何东西,释放您的创造力!
  • 各种风格
    • GNOME 的 Photoshop 模板包含多种设计:从丰富而优雅清洁简约风格。有了这个广泛的选择,最难的事情就是做出选择!
  • 使用方便
    • 模板结构良好、分层,并且可以快速编辑,很容易更改文本、图像和颜色,以符合您的个人品味或企业形象。所有图像和可以通过智能对象层轻松替换插图。
  • 大小事项
    • 社交媒体报道是完美的设计,以加强 Facebook 和 Twitter 的大小要求。横幅类别包括 10 个子类别,不同横幅尺寸范围从 120x240 至 720x300。
  • Professional
    • Templates for Photoshop by GN are top-quality designs, created and kept up-to-date by a team of passionate designers, so you will always have access to the most modern, stylish, trendiest designs available on the market.
  • Wide choice
    • You can choose between 6 comprehensive categories of templates for Photoshop: Banners, Facebook covers, Twitter Covers, Youtube Covers, Instagram Banners, Headers, Infographics, Posters and Textures. Pick anything that you like and unleash your creativity!
  • Variety of styles
    • Templates for Photoshop by GN contains a wide selection of designs, ranging from the rich and elegant to clean minimalistic styles. With this broad selection, the hardest thing will be making a choice!
  • Easy-to-use
    • The templates are well-structured, layered, and can be quickly edited – it is easy to change the text, images and colors to match your personal taste or the corporate image of your business. All images and illustrations can be effortlessly replaced via Smart object layers.
  • Size matters
    • Social media covers are perfectly crafted to mach Facebook and Twitter size requirements.
    • The Banners category includes 10 sub-categories with different Banners sizes ranging from 120×240 to 720×300.
    • Headers are offered in 1024×768 resolution.





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