• plugSHIELD 是系统上一款移动存储设备管理软件,plugSHIELD Mac版会将你加载的卷自动卸载,那么一般的USB设备以及可移动硬盘在插上的时候就会被它自动卸载掉,达到无法将数据通过USB插口传播的作用。

  • As long as plugSHIELD is running, no one can plug and copy anything from your Mac.


  • 防止有害入侵你的Mac上使用移动存储设备;
  • 保护你的秘密和隐私;
  • 可切换的嘟嘟声和弹出警告对话框拒绝;
  • 可切换日志选项写任何日志文件,把入侵者;
  • 应用程序的退出是密码保护;
  • Dock图标可以隐藏;

  • Remember how in the movie Iron Man, Stark’s girlfriend managed to steal all of the bad guy’s data with a flash drive? You may not be up to villainous deeds, but you probably still want your files safe and secure from any potential thieves.

  • While activated, plugSHIELD will shut down any plug & mount attempts from USB, firewire, memory card and other ports. Your mac will refuse to accept portable devices plugged into it, be it a USB flash drive, an SD card, or a firewire removable hard disk.

  • Also, as a bonus, you may give your iPod or other device a real quite power charge without iTunes pop out. The device will be power charged only and can be freely plugged or unplugged at anytime.

  • With the selectable options of beep, alert and file logging, you may use plugSHIELD on either personal or public computers for any kind of legal usage, and as plugSHIELD can record information on the suspicious device and report it back to you, so you can track the thief down.






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