Focused(Markdown 编辑器)破解版安装



  • Focused 是一款 MarkDown 编辑器,软件功能十分强大,操作简单。Focused 本名原为 Typed,是 Realmac 推出的一款 Markdown 写作软件,后来易手给了 71 Squared 后更名为 Focused,不过在功能上目前并没有太大改变。整体上 Focused 非常简洁,就是专注于文字的输入和写作,不妨试试它的 Zen 模式,Focused 会进入全屏模式,并播放轻音乐,让您专注于文字本身。

  • Focused (was Typed) is the stunning new writing, and the first that improves your focus so you can create great content. Focused makes writing for the web incredibly easy, and its Zen Mode features relaxing soundtracks that help you concentrate.

  • With stunning typography that makes it a breeze to write structured documents, and quick and easy export, Focused is the new benchmark for apps that enable you not just to write, but also focus on your work. Many apps claim to offer a distraction-free writing environment, but only Focused was created specifically to aid your focus as you write. Here’s how…


  • 不分心
    • 没有混乱,没有分心。只是一套精心设计的工具,可帮助您编写并保持专注于手头的任务。
  • 字数
    • 需要打个字数,还是坚持一个字数限制?重点关注您的目标,而不会使您的工作空间变得混乱。
  • 自动保存
    • 永远不会再吃你的功课 - 自动保存可以保护您的内容安全,并使用版本支持来检索编辑。
  • 原声
    • 通过8个平静的音轨过滤掉生活中的烦恼,帮助您的焦点,让您专注于写作。
  • 分享
    • 专注于帮助您编写网络而无需知道任何代码 - 聚焦为您生成所有这些。
  • 快捷键
    • 不要再次离开键盘,使用全面的键盘快捷键来帮助您构建和格式化。
  • Minimal UI – No clutter, no distractions. Just a perfectly-honed set of tools to help you write and stay focused on the task at hand.

  • Word Count – Need to hit a word count, or stick to a character limit? Focused keeps you on target without cluttering your workspace.

  • Auto Save Support – The dog will never eat your homework again – Auto Save keeps your content safe, with Versions support to retrieve an edit.

  • Zen Mode – Filter out life’s distractions with 6 calming soundtracks that aid your focus, allowing you to concentrate on your writing.

  • HTML Preview & Export – Focused is built to help you write for the web without the need to know any code – Focused generates it all for you.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Never leave the keyboard again, with comprehensive keyboard shortcuts to help you structure and format.









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