• Graphics 是一款高品质插图套件,内置了 247 个插图素材、306 图标文件、300 的个人物剪贴画、100 个剪贴画、217 个交通图标、700 个高分辨率图像。

  • Graphics 适用于任何需要颜色,纹理和真实性的 iWork 文档的最终插图。您一定会在 2000 张高质量图像中找到正确的插图。

  • Graphics is the ultimate set of illustrations suitable for any iWork document that requires color, texture, and authenticity. You will definitely find the right illustration among the 2000 high-quality images.


  • 剪贴画类别是以两种不同分辨率收集的100幅美丽,细致的图像。他们的内容从汽车和公共汽车到游泳池和咖啡杯。如果你需要一个房地产,城市发展,或旅游业话题的插图,不要再看!透明背景允许将图像置于不同的图案之上。
  • 插图收集了 334 幅图像,从唇膏,手表到飞机和工厂,只需将这些图像拖放到演示文稿幻灯片或文本内容即可。
  • 图标是一套 329 光滑,色彩丰富的图标图像,包括电子,医药,运输和绿色运动设计。他们将触摸到您的网站或信息图表演示风格。
  • 人物剪贴画包含 300 张高质量的图像,描绘了人们在各种工作和休闲环境中的反应。他们将帮助您在幻灯片,海报,网页和其他内容上留下友好的面孔。
  • 图片包含超过 800 个高分辨率的照片图像。
  • 交通标志是美国和欧洲使用的 217 个交通标志图像的集合。限速,警告和自行车道标记 - 所有内容都包含在内。作为其他剪贴画产品,交通标志包括透明背景,可以将图像放置在您选择的背景上。
  • The Clipart category is a collection of 100 beautiful, detailed images in two different resolutions. Their content ranges from cars and buses to swimming pools and coffee cups. If you need an illustration for a real estate, urban development, or travel industry topic, look no further! Transparent backgrounds allow placing images on top of different patterns.

  • Illustrations is an arresting collection of 334 images, ranging from lipsticks and watches to airplanes and factories–just drag and drop any of these images onto your presentation slides or text content.

  • Icons is a set of 329 slick, colorful icon images, including designs for electronics, medicine, transport, and the green movement. They will a touch of style to your website or infographic presentation.

  • People Clipart contains 300 top-quality images, depicting people and their reactions in various work and leisure situations. They will help you put a friendly face on your slides, posters, Web pages, and other content.

  • Pictures contains over 800 high resolution photo images.

  • Traffic Signs is a collection of 217 images of traffic signs used in the US and Europe. Speed limits, warnings, and bicycle lane marks – everything is covered. As other clipart products, traffic signs include transparent backgrounds, which allow placing the images on backgrounds of your choice.





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